Master Thesis: Modelling and simulation of a mechatronic load handling system i Mjölby Toyota Material Handling

Publiceringsdatum: 10/21/2018


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Do you want to do your Master Thesis in an exciting company and where there may be opportunities for employment afterwards? Welcome with your application!



With rapid growth in the logistics industry, load handling vehicles have become more complex and sophisticated. In parallell, the time to market has become more crucial which increases the focus on a shortened development phase of products. The product development today involves integration of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems. To complement and support the development process, modelling and simulation for testing applications, subsystems or entire load handling vehicles behaviour is being used increasingly.



The purpose of the thesis work is to carry out a pilot study for how to efficiently build and run multidisciplinary simulation models that takes account of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts in a specific load handling system. The models will be created in different simulation softwares and run in co-simulation and it will be possible to calibrate and evaluate the simulation models against physical test results.

The goal of the thesis work is that you should

  • Develop a multidisciplinary simulation methodology to be used during the thesis work which have the potential to be used in the regular development process.
  • Develop models for one of either the electrical, hydraulic or mechanical subsystem in Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, Altair Activate, DSHplus or MSC Adams.
  • Perform simulation analysis to investigate how to increase the load handling efficiency of the system and compare with physical tests.
  • Evaluate the developed simulation methodology and come up with improvements.




We believe that the proposed thesis is suitable for two masters students studying Mechatronics, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or Engineering Physics and are interested in modelling and simulation of control systems.



2 persons / 30HP (20 weeks)



January 2019


For futher questions, please contact Marcus Levin, tel. 0142-88729,

The application is individual, but it should be clearly stated who you intend to do your Master Thesis with. Applications closing date is by 28 Oktober 2018.