Master thesis work: Improve IoT security and data of integrity by encrypting CAN bus protocol i Mjölby Toyota Material Handling

Publiceringsdatum: 9/28/2018


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Do you want to do your master thesis in an exciting company and where there may be opportunities for employment afterwards? Welcome with your application!



Encrypting Controller Area Network, (CAN) communication has historically been considered unnecessary. This is mainly because the risk of access to CAN network by an attacker has been seen as slim. An attacker would need to get physical access to the network and necessary hardware to be able to gain access to the network and perform an attack. However with interconnectivity and proliferation of IoT systems, CAN networks today are often easily accessible and the hardware needed is readily available. It is not uncommon for nodes connected to the CAN network to be connected to outside networks such as the internet which increases the risk for an attack. To further increase security over CAN bus and minimize the risk of a malicious attack it would be good practice to encrypt communication over the CAN bus.


Work description

The work is divided into two parts;

First part – a study and threat assessment. This shall form the basis to help answer questions such as:

  • Which attack vectors will encrypting the CAN communication secure?
  • How will performance be affected?
  • Will encrypting all traffic or only parts of the traffic be necessary to ensure secure communication?
  • Best practice implementation?


The second part is to implement the CANcrypt protocol (as described in“Implementing Scalable CAN Security with CANcrypt”, ISBN 978-0-9987454-0-4), on a real product. The implementation shall be done, demonstrated and evaluated on a real product (warehouse truck).



Master thesis work, 30hp. Two students computer science or similar, (D, C, Y) with interest in programming, Embedded systems and security issues.


Januari -2018


For futher questions, please contact;

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The application is individual, but it should be clearly stated who you intend to do your Master Thesis with. Applications closing date is by 28 Oktober 2018.